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    Default removing a caseback from Wittnauer


    I am a little perplexed. I originally thought this caseback style was a snap on caseback but I cannot use a case knife to remove it. I cannot use a jaxa on it because there are not any notches to put pegs. It looks like it might be a 12 sided back and I could use the horotec opener with suction cups (assuming this is a screw back).

    I found another watch on ebay that has the same back and it is stated that it is a screw off back.

    Does anyone know if my watch is a screw on back or snap on?

    Do I need a special tool for this type of back?
    Has anyone tried the horotec suction cups?

    and to make matters worse, when I put my case knife in the groove, I moved the case back a little. If I assume this is a screw back, I have moved the back out of the threads on one side of the case.

    How can I proceed? Should I try to unscrew it like it is or try to snap it back into the original position?

    The first three photos are the Wittnauer in question. The last picture is a Tissot i found online that is a screw on back. The backs of both watches look the same. If you look at the Tissot, you can see the back is not really round.

    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: removing a caseback from Wittnauer (By: Melus28)

    To remove the back you unscrew it. I find it very doubtful that a suction cup remover will hold tight enough to remove the back of this type. Typically the watch companies made special wrenches for these cases. If you look at the photograph the one on the left is from Tissot and the ones on top are miscellaneous ones from other companies. On the right is the LG watch wrench which has removable jaws. To the left of the wrench is the wider jaws for a case back to this type.

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    Default Re: removing a caseback from Wittnauer (By: Melus28)


    THANK YOU!!!

    I have that very LG wrench.

    One additional challenge.

    Because I thought it was a snap on, I tried to use a case knife to open it.
    I THINK that I may have opened it by one, maybe two threads.

    Should I try to unscrew it like it is or do I have to make absolutely sure it is in the original position? (I did try to push it back on with my hands but no luck).

    Any suggestions would be appreciated?

    Kind regards,


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    Default Re: removing a caseback from Wittnauer (By: Melus28)

    I was hoping you would not notice that I didn't answer your second question. I think if you tried to continue to pry the back off you definitely destroy the threads. If you try to unscrew it in its current condition I'm not sure. Depending upon how far it's up you may be able to unscrew it without too much damage.

    I think you're just going to have to try it. Providing you have the right tips for the wrench and it's screwed tightly to the back I would try to gently unscrew it the way it is.

    After rereading your messages have you pry the back up unevenly or does it look even all-around. If it looks even so it's not cross threaded it should unscrew hopefully.

    I forgot to mention of the previous e-mail in case you're wondering where to get these specialized case wrenches they usually show up at marts in the junk box. They typically are only used for one case that you almost never fine.


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    Default Re: removing a caseback from Wittnauer (By: Melus28)


    I want to thank you for your help.

    I used the LG wrench with the pegs that you instructed.

    I first tried to push down the case back and when that did not work, I GENTLY turned to caseback and it started to twist off with zero resistance whatsoever.

    It turns out that I did not pry that back off at all. the case back comes off and on with no problems.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I am now prepared to handle this type of back with no probems in the future.

    Kind regards,


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