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    Default Clock hands will not move. HELP!!!

    My favorite, oldest 1 weight vienna regulator hands will not move. While winding the clock last week, The cable broke. before this happened the clock kept time within 1 minute from when the weight sat on the bottom of the case and.was never a problem.

    I removed the movement changed the cable and put back into the case and, swang the pendulum. Everything looked and sounded perfect, except the minute hand would not take the up hill climb from the 30 minutes. when I checked the hands, there was no tension. I had put everything back in as I had taken it out. I put a tension washer in the movement, checked it for tension by turning the minute hand by hand. Again tension feels perfect. Only now the hands will not move at all.

    The clock does not stop running, pendulum has been swinging for 3 days but, the hands are stuck at 3:30 (where I set them), cable is not tangled; beat is even and, gears seem to be okay (meshing properly); weight is moving downward every day; I have the door to the case open; hands are not touching. Removed the tension washer and minute hands flops loosely and the clock will stop, so I replaced the washer and got the same reaction (hand will not move).

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Clock hands will not move. HELP!!! (By: Blu)

    Is the hand washer behind the pin missing?

    What do you mean by a 'tension washer'? Where is it, and was it there originally?

    These have either an oval curved washer behind the cannon pinion or the cannon pipe has two cut-outs so it can be compressed slightly to provide friction.

    If the former, the correct washer on the minute hand must be present.

    Mike - banned member of the throwaway society. :o

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    Default Re: Clock hands will not move. HELP!!! (By: Blu)

    Thanks mike, It was the oval curved washer. I found it still on my work bench. The clock is up and running.

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    Default Re: Clock hands will not move. HELP!!! (By: Blu)

    I like when that happens!
    Now you won't hafta put up with that liturgy of interrogation from me!

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