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    Default Atkins & Porter & Co Ogee Clock Info?

    Attaching an Atkins & Porter Ogee clock I picked up for $25. It does have the hands,original weights, and pendulum. Missing the bottom pane. Top glass is old(wavy). Any idea on what the bottom pane might have looked like? Reverse painting or mirror? There are no markings on movement. Did they mark it at all. Case seems like it is in great shape. One nick and no cracks on venner at all. Obvioulsy not cleaned up yer. Did some research and seems like these ogee's from Atkins get decent prices. Not asking for price, but why they are higher than most. Any idea on years of productions? Any advice or opinions appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Re: Atkins & Porter & Co Ogee Clock Info? (By: popeye)

    More pics;

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    Default Re: Atkins & Porter & Co Ogee Clock Info? (By: popeye)

    one more:

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    Default Re: Atkins & Porter & Co Ogee Clock Info? (By: popeye)

    One last post. The dial, can it or and should it be repaired? If so, how? Thanks again.
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    Default Re: Atkins & Porter & Co Ogee Clock Info? (By: popeye)

    Popeye, Spittler"s and Bailey's American Clockmakers and Watchmakers has the following info on Atkins, Porter & Co. :
    Atkins and Porter (Merrit W., Henry H.): Bristol, Conn Ca. 1840-1846. Made OG clocks with unusual half-hour striking movement. Business established in 1840 and dissolved in 1846. Firm also called Atkins, Porter & Co. Henry H Porter died in 1880, age 74.
    That is a very unusual movement with what appears to be a center wheel countwheel strike.
    I think this clock may be worth investing the price of having the dial restored professionally, since you don't have much money into it yet.
    It is a relatively rare maker.
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    Default Re: Atkins & Porter & Co Ogee Clock Info? (By: popeye)

    Popeye - Nice find. In great shape. If you want to look into having the dial restored click on the below web site for a list of people who do that type of work. That web site also has listings of people who do reverse paintings if you ever want to do the lower glass.


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    Default Re: Atkins & Porter & Co Ogee Clock Info? (By: popeye)

    Popeye, that is a great bargain!!!
    nice original movement, dial, and great label!
    Personally, I would not have the dial restored. All numerals are there, as well as the spandrals. If you could find someone profession to patch it up, that would be okay, but I would highly advise against a scrape and repaint. Make sure when you get a quote you know if they are going to patch or repaint!
    My atkins and porter has a stencil on the lower glass.

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