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    Default 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

    This old elgin came across my desk today. It has a gold filled case with the recessed anchor mark. Isn't that a dueber mark? Is the case original to the watch? The case screws line up with the marks...
    These old keywinds are getting scarce in this kind of condition-still running strong at 137+ years!!

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND


    The case may be made by Ladd.. check where the hinged bezel seats by the front cover hinge.. If there is a patend date on the rim it is most likly made by Ladd.. As far as original to the movment, it appears there is another case screw mark just above the current one..

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

    Yes, now that I take a second look, There is another screw mark there-rats.
    No patent mark on the rim for Ladd...
    Still a nice watch tho...

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

    Just noticed that the movement is turned slightly and the 3o'clock postion isn't lined up exactly with the stem. I think the other case mark is where it is supposed to be...

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

    Thanks,I found the Ladds mark june 11 '67 Original after all-SWEET@!!

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

    Hi Brian -

    Nice watch and I like those Ladd cases!

    There was a discussion on Ladd cases on this board a few years ago and I posted some images from a Ladd case catalog to the thread, you might find this interesting and here is a link to that thread ...


    ... and if you click any of the listed page numbers in my post it will take you to an image of that page of the catalog.

    Fred Hansen
    NAWCC #109682

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND


    I have an OF Am Waltham Watch Co. (R. E. Robbins) keywind. It is in a nice 3 oz Am Watch Co. coin silver case. Since there is no stem, it appears that you can orient the watch any way you want in the case. So, like yours, there are multiple screw marks around the area of the correct orientation.


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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND

    I believe that the 18s keywind movements have a small peg or pin on side of the pillar plate at about the 11 o'clock position that corresponds to the small hole on the dial side of the case that receives this peg. That way the watch is correctly orientated in the case, be it a hunter or open.

    Am I mistaken?

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND


    You are correct.. If the pin is missing it is possible to misalign the movement and "create" another case screw mark close to the original.. it then becomes a question of what happened to the original pin.. they usually do not fall out, with out some serious mistreatment....If you view Brains last photo, there is something misshaped on the rim by the patend date, which I believe is where the pin hole is located..

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    Default Re: 1869 ELGIN KEYWIND


    I am thinking that since the movement and case were sold seperately at this time period, when it was cased up the person tightened it up without realizing it would only line up with the winding hole in the dust cover in one position??

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