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    Default Distance Learning

    I am interested in learning watch repair but cannot attend class physically.
    I saw some Distance Learning Courses on the internet, but am not sure of the quality and was hoping someone could help me.
    One course I saw was "Jewelry and Watch Repair School of N. E." The website is (jwrschool.com).
    My question is: 1. Has anyone heard of this school and is it any good....
    2. Does anyone know of any other Distance Learning schools that are as good or better.
    Thanks for the help

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    Default Re: Distance Learning (By: Nick1)

    the master watchmaking seems like a good "beginner" program.
    The price is not too bad. But you can by several more extensive watch repair videos for approx 100$ each.
    Considering that they supply material to work on and basic tools it is not to bad a price. The BHI offerers a course that is more extensive and much more expensive but with no materials. and no help.
    You can buy the Chicago school of watchmaking course on CD "a book only no video" on this site for 40$. But then you will have to buy several ptractice watches and your own tools.
    You will eventually need some great books like Fried The watch repairers handbook, etc and more extensive tools and of a better quality.

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    Default Re: Distance Learning (By: Nick1)


    timezone watch school..it is great..

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    Default Re: Distance Learning (By: Nick1)

    Thanks for the suggestions...
    Has anyone heard of Gem City College. I understand they have a home study course.

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    Default Re: Distance Learning (By: Nick1)

    I think it is something like the BHI course.

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