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    Some time ago, at this Message Board a discussion was held on the meaning of the above letters placed as a signature on the movements of some Swiss watches. Unfortunately, no conclusion on this matter was reached at that time nor any serious hints to the meaning of these letters were presented. Recently, I got an opportunity to inspect a good quality Swiss chronograph movement signed only in such a way (see enclosed pictures). Certainly, these letters did not mean a well known French acronym: ‘Sans garantie du Gouvernement’. To solve this riddle, I followed a basic analytical technique ‘to split a more complex question into its parts’ and found that the second part of this set of letters (D.G.) was recorded by Kathleen Pritchard as used by Ditisheim & Freres (in German: Ditisheim Gebr.) of La Chaux de Fonds. From this point on, it was not difficult to guess that S.G. could mean ‘Solvil Plant’ (in German: Solvil Gewerbe). Altogether, the letters S.G.D.G. would mean: ‘Solvil Plant, Ditisheim Brothers’. Unfortunately, Kathleen is no longer with us and it is impossible to discuss this likely explanation with her. All comments on this subject from other researchers of Swiss horology would be both welcome and appreciated.
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    Default Re: IS THE MISTERY OF THE LETTERS S.G.D.G. SOLVED? (By: Jerzy Ganczarczyk)

    This means the movement has features that are protectec by a patent.

    I stole the following from the results of a Google search. It dealt with a similar question about a French horn.

    '"Breveté" indicates that the design of this horn incorporates one or more patents claimed by Gautrot. "S.G.D.G." (Sans garantie du Gouvernement) is a disclaimer required by the government of France stating that it does not guarantee enforcement of the claimed patent. '

    I think it equivalent to our "Patent Pending", that is, the patent has been applied for, but not yet granted.

    Google know more than we do.


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    Default Re: IS THE MISTERY OF THE LETTERS S.G.D.G. SOLVED? (By: Jerzy Ganczarczyk)

    In my understanding of the French legal terms, the use of the word ‘brevete’ (patented) and the acronym S.G.D.G. ('Sans garantie du Gouvernement') exclude each other. It seems unlikely to me that together they could mean: ‘patent pending’. French/Swiss legal opinion ion the subject is sought.

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    Default Re: IS THE MISTERY OF THE LETTERS S.G.D.G. SOLVED? (By: Jerzy Ganczarczyk)

    "Patent pending" does not apply. That would be "brevet en cours d'homologation".

    The exact meaning of the words is "patented without government guarantee.". Maybe someone else can give the legal interpretation, since the words do seem mutually exclusive. But that is precisely what they say!

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