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    Default Waterbury Clock Co.


    How about "Waterbury Clocks & Watches", authored by Tran Duy Ly, published by Arlington Book Company, Inc?


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    Default Waterbury Clock Co. (By: timelyrestorations)

    As a first cut Trans books are a good introduction to the lineup of any american brand of cocks.

    The book "Waterbury Clocks, History Identification and Price Guide" ISBN0-930163-40-0, was published in 1989, I do not think there has a been a new edition since, but TRan periodically reisues the priceguide pottion. My accompanying priceguide booklet is dated 1996, but tere is probably a newer one out there.

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    Default Waterbury Clock Co. (By: timelyrestorations)

    Second more comprehensive edition published in 2001.

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    Default Waterbury Clock Co. (By: timelyrestorations)

    Hi guys and gals,

    Tran's book on Waterbury doesn't do as good a job on the movements as his ST book.

    Anyone know where to find pics of the different movements?

    Especially the weight movements.


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    Default Re: Waterbury Clock Co. (By: BILL KAPP)

    I recently purchased and received the 2001 edition, Vol I with a 2013 pricing sheet. After a thorough review of the book, it certainly lives up to its reputation as a reference resource. I did, however, notice a glaring misprint (?) in one photo. On page 472, plate number 1778 (a photo of a Majestic movement,) it appears as if the illustration is 'slurred' to the right. Has anyone else encountered this or do I possess a 'fluke?' Just interested.......
    Also, Arlington Books is now owned by Craig Unruh in Evanston IL who has reduced all of Tran's book pricing to reflect 'wholesale to all.'

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