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    Mike Kearney

    Default WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Tom Mister at http://www.dashto.com seems to have most of the parts you might need to repair it.


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    Mike Kearney

    Default WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Greg, here's a little more information on the Bulova. Based on your description, it's likely a model 10 AK, 10 1/2 ligne, 15 jewel watch issued during WWII. Does it have a black dial and sub-second hand?

    If it's what I think, it's described in a 1945 technical manual TM 9-1575 on maintaining watches and clocks. I can send you the pages if you're interested, as it's a government document. You'll also find it on ebay sometimes.


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    Default WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Greg: Most of the WWII Bulovas had base metal
    chromed cases with stainless steel backs.
    The case is usually shot on most of these watches. Later Korean war vintage Bulovas
    had solid stainless cases, very nice and
    usually in great shape. As Mike noted, the
    WWII watches had 10AK based movements and came in both sub-seconds and sweep (16j) models. Most sweep seconds had black dials and most sub-seconds were a white color.The later Korean war watches I've seen were all sweep seconds and had 10BNCH movements (a much better watch in my opinion).
    The 10AK movements have one great advantage:
    parts. Cheap and plentiful (balance complete:
    $1.00). If you are shopping for another case,
    be careful: the Waltham and Hamilton cases won't fit (6/0 vs. 101/2L) and while the plentiful Elgin cases could be made to work,
    the cool ordnance back won't fit, so you'd have a Bulova in an Elgin Case. Your challenge will be to find a nice case. I usually just fix 'em put on a new crystal and wear them and live with the ratty case. The
    spring bar holes are usually very worn on Bulova cases, but I really like Bulova movements which are easy to work on and run
    a lot better than the Elgin 539's.

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    Default WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Just a point of interest on miltary watches. I spent 27 years in the army, so I do collect military watches when the opportunity presents itself. There are two types of military watches from the WWII and Korean War era. There are tactical watches which were issued to line troops and there are garrison watches which were issued to service support troops. The tactical watch had the black dial and is Hack set--had to be able to be synchronized in a tactical situation. The garrison watch has a white or cream dial and is generally not Hack set, although, I've seen a couple that are.


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    Default WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Is this watch is military watch?

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    Default WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Here is a hack set Elgin A11 I got last week.

    I jumped on it because it is original and the case is in excellent shape... I agree about the Bulova cases.. I have one with 0 chrome left.


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    Default WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Sontacchi: The term "Military Watch" is used
    quite loosely these days. I guess it originally meant any watch that was issued to
    soldiers, but now it is anything that looks
    Military in style (black dial, luminous hands).
    I have found watches that were issued by the services (USAAF, Army)that were just ordinary
    Swiss jewelled timepieces. Alot of soldiers
    bought their own watches and used them during the war. That's why you'll see Wylers,Defenders, Gruens,Omegas etc. with
    names and years on the back. Your Mulco could have belonged to a German soldier, an Italian, Hungarian, a Russian, who knows?
    I do know that the guys who lost gave up their stuff to the winners, and the first things the winners went for were the watches.

    I have a friend who owns a beautiful 18k
    Breitling Premier Chronograph that was taken off a German Officer: he lost. There were
    8 million men at arms from the US alone during WWII, each had a wristwatch of some type. It's safe to say that most of the Germans and Brits also had watches, so you can see, there's a big base to pick from.

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    Default Re: WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Could any one tell me anything about this Bulova Military Watch, made for the Ord. Dept.
    Thank you


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    Default Re: WWII Bulova ordnance watch

    Quote Originally Posted by bpworks View Post
    Could any one tell me anything about this Bulova Military Watch, made for the Ord. Dept.
    Thank you

    Its a model 10BNCH 10 1/2 Ligne,15 jewel,hack,A-11 most were issued to the Army aircorps but yours was issue to ground forces due to the marking of ORD.DEPT. USA it's pre 1945 issue.If you can get a photo of movement and tell us the movement serial no. we could date the watch.There should be a dust cover over the movent when you remove the first cover.And your cover could also been replaced with the wrong cover from a model 10AK that did not have center second hand and did not hack and had ORD DEPT USA on it's cover.Here is a photo of a A-11 back cover.Who knows it mite of happend durring the war when it mite of got sent in for a repair.
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