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    Default Kieninger Mozart Clock movement

    I saw an ad for the Kieninger 250th anniversary Mozart Clock. It is a bell chime with 3 Mozart tunes. The limited edition clock is out of my price range around -- $5000. I don`t know if it`s the same as the Kieninger 9 bell mantel clock movement. Does anyone know if I can get a couple of these movements here in the USA , Canada, or Europe? Or does anyone know of a clock supply house in Europe that I can write to? Or perhaps I could just get the chime barrel and exchange it for the standard Kieninger triple chime mantel? Or is there anyone out there who has the knowhow to repin the chime barrel for different tunes?

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    Default Kieninger Mozart Clock movement (By: timepast)

    TP, you should contact Mark Butterworth on this quest. If anyone can get the movement you want, he can.
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    Default Kieninger Mozart Clock movement (By: timepast)

    I believe the 9 bell plays the traditional westminster, whittington, and st-micheal's.

    The movement you're referring to must be a new one.

    Did you try diretly from the company?

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    Default Re: Kieninger Mozart Clock movement (By: Sooth)

    Try Oakside Classic Clocks of England, www.classic-clocks.co.uk we stock and ship all Kieninger movements, dials, pendulums and spares to Canada and the US.

    We have the Mozart movement and special calendar dial in stock.
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