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    Default identification/age of Ingraham Mantle clock...

    Good Morning and welcome to the NAWCC message board. We really do need pictures to identify your clock. That being said, there is a "Hera" model tambour mantel clock that is part of the Hollywood assortment. This clock is a 22" mahogany tambour. There were three clocks in the series and were made of genuine mahogany with a base of solid basswood. They mesure 9 3/4" high and are fitted with a 7" raised numeral dial, silver plated, with a polished brass sash. They strike on two chime rods, striking the hour on two rods and the half-hour on one rod. They date from 1934. Replacement pendulum "bobs" are available from Timesavers, Merritt's or SLarose supply houses. Someone can probably give you an idea of the correct weight for the bob. (REF: Ingraham Clocks by Tran Duy Ly).

    The left winding arbor is for the strike and the right is for the time. The small S F opening above the 12 is for fine regulation of the clock by turning either toward the S or F with a double ended key of the proper size.


    Richard T.
    Richard T.

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    Default identification/age of Ingraham Mantle clock... (By: Richard T.)

    Hi Stevewm, I located your model Ingraham, and it is the type mantel clock commonly referred to as a "Tambour Clock". Your clock is from approximately the year 1934 timeframe. It is from an assortment of three clocks referred to by Ingraham as the "Hollywood Assortment" that also contained models "Hermes" and "Hathor". They were all 22" mahogany that are 9 & 3/4" high and fitted with 7" dials. They have duplex chime rods striking the hour on two chime rods and the half hour on a single rod. I was about to recommend the typical Ingraham mantel clock pendulum until I read the following - "The movement used is our heavy brass pendulum movement, which is well known for its long life and excellent timekeeping qualities." This is a direct quote from Tran Duy Ly's book "Ingraham Clocks & Watches". With that in mind, I am not certain of the exact replacement pendulum, but I will recommend the following that should work OK. Maybe someone else knows the exact stock pendulum and can advise. Otherwise, try a shop pendulum. Here are sources and part numbers. Just do an internet search on supply houses and they all have online catalogs and ordering;

    timesavers.com --- Item # 10238

    slarose.com ----- Item # 081076

    Merritt's Antiques --- Item # P-98A (2 & 1/4" diameter) or # P-98B (2" diameter).

    The prices on all these are around the 5 dollar mark not including shipping. These are basic heavier shop pendulums with adjustment nuts that should work but not original to the clock. Hopefully someone will know the exact correct replacement. Hope this is of help. Regards,

    OK - I see that Richard and I were both trying to help at the same time, but he is just a little quicker on the draw. He is former Air Force and myself Army so draw your on conclusions. It looks like we agree in principle and facts about your clock.

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    Default identification/age of Ingraham Mantle clock... (By: Richard T.)


    just request them for a catalouge, and then once you get it buy a non adjustable Ingraham pendulum. even with the shipping it probably costs less then a 7 dollars.

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    Default identification/age of Ingraham Mantle clock... (By: Richard T.)

    Not quite that simple you really need to have an idea of the correct weight of the bob. Otherwise you may have a problem rating the clock. In addition you need an adjustable bob, the S F rating at 12 o'clock is for finer adjustment of the rate and to be able to make adjustments without turning the clock around to access the pendulum.


    Richard T.
    Richard T.

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    Default identification/age of Ingraham Mantle clock... (By: Richard T.)

    every clock of that type with the exception of ansonia i have owned or looked at has had a non adjustable bob for original...

    the s/f key hole i have found virtually inaccessable anyway

    adjustable tho, is much less frustrating.

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    Default identification/age of Ingraham Mantle clock... (By: Richard T.)

    I do not know for certain which type "bob" is original. Quite often it is hard to tell if a pendulum bob is original or not. Either one will work. However, the weight is important. I have had several that ran too fast and could not be slowed down either by increasing the length of the suspension spring/leader (limited by room in case), changing the thickness of the suspension spring, adding a heavier bob, or increasing the depth of the verge. As to the S F adjustment at 12 o'clock, if the dial and movement are lined up properly there should be no problem rating the clock with the proper sized double ended key.

    Richard T.
    Richard T.

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