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As it says in the upper left-hand corner of this page, we donít provide timepiece values. However, once you learn the proper description of your watch, you should be able to find similar watches offered by internet dealers, or on eBay, and see what they are selling for. Alternately, check the value in the "Complete Price Guide to Watches, No 24," C. Shugart, T. Engle and R. Gilbert, Cooksey Shugart Publications, Cleveland, TN, 2004 (a new edition comes out each year in February. This book is available at libraries, most major bookstores and online at the NAWCC Gift Shop).

Your watch sounds like a 'private label,' or 'contract,' watch. Private label watches were contracted for by a large range of companies, from Sears, Roebuck down to the smaller jewelers in the little towns. Just about all the watch companies, including the Swiss firms, would mark both the watch movements and/or the dials in just about any manner for any customer who wished to pay for the service. I don't have any exact references for the costs, but I've heard (read?) that, for some companies, if five or more watches were ordered, there was no charge for marking the movements. Special dials were said to cost 25 or 50 cents each, but some watch manufacturers were more liberal.

The best means we have today of researching the origin of a specific watch is by knowing which watch factory made the movement, and the movement's serial number.

It would be helpful if you could post a picture of the movement, the clearer and sharper, the better. We may be able to identify it's manufacturer by the shape of the plates.

A digital camera would be very helpful. For an open-face, screw back & bezel watch you can get good results by placing the movement on a flatbed scanner. A hunting-case movement, or an open-face movement in a hinged case would have to be removed from the case for this to work. Otherwise, its back to the camera.

Larry Jones has written up a useful article on Image Posting, which may be helpful.

Or, when you click on the Reply button, at the lower right-hand corner of the bottom post in a thread, the Reply To: box that opens has a toolbar at its top. The right-hand icon on the toolbar is a paperclip. Clicking upon the paperclip icon will open a box that allows you to select a picture file to attach to your post. Use the Browse button to navigate to the location in which the picture file resides on your disk drive and select it. Since this only permits one picture per reply, you can reply once for each picture.

If you have a problem posting the picture(s), you can attach it (them) to an e-mail to me and I'll post it (them) for you. To send me an email, click on my name at the upper left of this posting. Choose "View Kent's Public Profile." That will open a page where you will find my email link.

Its also helpful if you can post all the markings that are on the movement (the "works") in case they can't be seen in the picture(s).

Good luck,