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    jaime subervi

    Default Fludo Chronograph with Landeron 51

    I bought a 18k pink gold Chronograph, brand: "Fludo" two register with a Landeron 51 movement,17 jewels antimagnetic.black dial.
    can you give me some information about this watch(brand,history,AGE,value)? It is in excellent condition.

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    Default Fludo Chronograph with Landeron 51 (By: jaime subervi)

    Jaime, as mentioned at the top left of each page, requests for timepiece values are forbidden.
    Regarding the other requested info, Fludo watches were products of the Fluvius Boillat company of Les Breleux, Switzerland. That's basically all that's stated in my reference books. Landeron 51 movements were manufactured from 1937 until 1970.
    Pink gold waned in popularity sometime during the 1950's, if I'm not mistaken, so that should help to narrow the timeframe.
    Though you didn't ask, unless you know that it has been done recently, it is a wise investment to have newly acquired watches serviced, if you intend to use them.


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    Default Re: Fludo Chronograph with Landeron 51 (By: Kate N)

    I read your post and wanted to share this with you. I was able to locate around 1995 the wife of Watchmaker Mr. Fluvius Boillat. I contacted the Swiss Embassy in Washington DC and they gave me the division that handles the Swiss Watchmakers and from them I obtained the telephone number they had in the files for Fludo. I contacted Miami Dade Community College and a French Professor whom was able to translate for me spoke with Mrs. Boillat whom was elderly I could tell and she answered some of my questions.
    Her husband was the Watchmaker. He last registered his trademark prior to his death. I cannot recall the year but it seems the last time he registered it was in the 80's ? She could not tell me how many watches he had built or anymore history. I felt I had enough knowledge just by having had the oppurtunity to have spoke with her. The watches are unique in my opinion and absolute best of quality and a rare timepiece to collect. I own one that is solid 18 kt gold rectangular case with a black dial and gold dot hour points with a linked 18 kt gold double chain bracelet. I had it appraised at Gause & Sons a Rolex authorized Dealer and I was told as a timepiece it is worth $10,000.
    I would never again give any of these watches to any watch servicer because at this same reputable dealer I took another watch an Eternamatic also solid gold watch and bracelet that my father used and he talked me into changing the crown which he said was worn. I later found out the crown is unreplaceable since the trademark 3 dots on it are what depicts the brand and it is unreplaceable. However it is another exclusive timepiece that has a hand woven 18 kt band no longer made and the mechanism of the watch was the only watch ever made with a ball bearing in it. I was told. I had it appraised an it also was in the 10K range.
    I hope I have given some constructive knowledge. Never sell any of those watches. They are made by the best and are museum collector pieces.
    Best wishes.

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    Default Re: Fludo Chronograph with Landeron 51 (By: jaime subervi)

    I envy you, you have come into possession of a beautiful and rare timepiece, don't let it go.

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    durban.south africa

    Default Re: Fludo Chronograph with Landeron 51 (By: jaime subervi)

    I have a rose gold plated fludo,2870 is stamped on the back.the watch keeps good time but one dial is not working and the face is dirty, need help to restore watch to pristine condition if possible. I am an enthusiastic collector and know very little about watch repairs.any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Fludo Chronograph with Landeron 51 (By: riaz)

    All Eternamatics with the dots on the dial and/or crown---have ball bearings in the auto-winding mechanism of the watches.
    10K sounds a bit out of range for that watch ( the eternamatic), even with the band.
    Last edited by burnz; 09-27-2009 at 02:10 PM.

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    Smile Fludo Pendant Watch (By: burnz)

    I have a small pendant watch that has Fludo on the face. I can't find any information anywhere. It's very small and I wondered if anyone may be able to help me on where to look?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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