Kevin. That your Welby alarm clock is marked to reveal that it is of German manufacture in the "US Occupied Area" certainly puts a date on it's origin. The same can be said of items "Made in Occupied Japan."

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the name "Welby" is a trade name used by an US merchandise and not a manufacturer of clocks. I think at one time the Welby line of clocks and watches were traded at Disneyland.

You might discover if you disassemble your clock, that the movement plate may be marked to indicate the name of the movement manufacturer in Germany either by name or logotype.

The post-WWII clockmaking business was a part of the recovery of Germany. Old prewar tooling that somehow was overlooked as vital wartime scrap was put back into production in tiny manufacturing establishments. They filled a demand for timekeeping products that had been off retail shelves for a dozen years.