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    Default Viceroy by Ingraham


    What you have is a 'Viceroy' model, manufactured by the E. Ingraham Company who were in business until 1958. Ingraham produced several million watches ? so far as I know, most if not all of their watches were of the unjewelled 'Dollar Watch' category.

    'Dollar Watches' have been discussed here on many occasions as you will discover if you take advantage of the search facility found near the top right of this page. However, to give you a start in the right direction, here are a few relevant links.



    Good Hunting!


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    Default Viceroy by Ingraham (By: Rich)

    Rich, May I offer a humble correction to your post? The Ingraham Company went out of business in 1968, not 1958. Tom

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    Default Viceroy by Ingraham (By: Rich)

    Tom writes:

    "The Ingraham Company went out of business in 1968, not 1958......."

    Just testing ya with a deliberate mistake, Tom! I wondered how long it would take you to spot it......


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    lots of time

    Default Viceroy by Ingraham (By: Rich)

    Hmmmmmmmm... You work for Shugart Rich

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    Default Viceroy by Ingraham (By: Rich)

    Forenum, To find out how old it is, use a knife and pry off the back. It should just snap off. On the movement, you will see some numbers stamped, ie 65 and a 4, meaning April 1965. A caution to you. When snapping the back into place, do not put any pressure on the crystal when you do it. even though the crystal is plastic, the pressure can crack it. Tom

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    Wm. Enestvedt

    Default Viceroy by Ingraham (By: Rich)

    Can anyone tell me how to munge the above URLs to read more about the Ingraham dollar watches?

    I have an Ingraham Viceroy that is my dad's but which no longer works. I dropped it off at the Prvidence Watch Hospital to get an estimate for cleaning it out and getting the stem reseated so it will work again (or whatever the real problem is) as a surprise for him.

    I'm beginning to fear it will be money down the drain. :7(

    I haven't taken off the back to check the year; when they call with the estimate I will ask them.

    How much should I expect to pasy for this, bearing in mind that it's *all* sentimental value? :7)

    It looks exactly like the image in this June 2006 Ebay auction:

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