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    Default Where and where are the watch trade shows?


    Join the nawcc, nawcc.org there are chapter meetings, marts, or regionals almost every week in some part of the country.

    There are also the Burley Bullock and Gerard Sensoli shows, 800-338-8150 and 810-220-0011 respectively.

    Jon Hanson, nawcc#8801

    Jon Hanson, moderator, nawcc#8801

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    Default Where and where are the watch trade shows? (By: Jon Hanson)

    Just to add to what Jon said. As a member of the NAWCC you will receive 2 publications, The Mart, and The Bulletin. In these you will find locations and times for events in your area and around the country. Additionally, membership in the National, allows you membership in your local chapter. I find that local chapter meeting usually consist mainly of a Mart or market for vintage watches and clocks. Many of these local marts are great places to buy, sell and learn.

    Go to nawcc.org and join us. We would love to have you.

    John Cote
    Vice President, Indiana Chapter 18 - NAWCC
    John Cote
    Watch Collector (pocket & wrist), Clock Admirer, Time Nerd...

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    Default Where and where are the watch trade shows? (By: Jon Hanson)

    The unknown writer of the question of watch shows, had a valid question. IMHO it was skirted around. 'Join our club' and you too can spend your money.
    I belong to another list, that has a national club and some 15,000 members. They constantly grumble about the upcoming new members, i.e. they are not being courted or conditioned to the interest. But they too, in their wisdom, have one or two Major shows and always on the East coast. The club has a generally wide following with several national magazines dedicated to the hobby. But non members still cant enter and look and buy....... Hardly good PR IMHO....
    At a local 'good' antiwque sale this spring there was for the first time a man that had watches for sale and did repair. Most of the time PW I see for sale at antique shows or mall shows are literally junk. (Thanks eBay!)
    Now- I just took 2 PW to a clockmaker 15 miles north of me, member of AWI and NAAWC etc. He happily filled out his name on a membership form and gave it to me. He further said there IS a REAL club here, meetings every 2 months, maybe 2 hrs trading and/or buying, lunch, then a program. Baswed on his sales pitch most likely I will join. Not cause I want to see the sale items particularly but cause it is a real club for human beings.

    Sign me-


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