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    Default Who is this actor?

    Hello Folks,

    In almost every issue of the Mart, there is a picture of a man hanging from the hands of a clock which seems to be suspended high over a city street. Although I'm fairly certain that I've seen this scene in an old movie clip, I know little about it. Does anyone know who this is and why the shot was made? The clock is obviously a prop, as one can see "suspension springs" behind the face of the clock. Can anyone shed light on this mystery?



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    Default Who is this actor? (By: DJDasher)

    harold Llloyd.

    Roger Ebert wrote about it in a review. I took this off the net and hope that I am not breaking any laws since I am ID-ing as being from the pen of Roger Ebert:

    "It is by general agreement the most famous shot in silent comedy: a man in a straw hat and round horn-rim glasses, hanging from the minute hand of a clock 12 stories above the city street. Strange, that this shot occurs in a film few people have ever seen. Harold Lloyd's "Safety Last" (1923), like all of his films, was preserved by the comedian but rarely shown; having been through most of Charlie Chaplin and virtually everything by Buster Keaton, I viewed it for the first time last week, and it was my first Harold Lloyd. Others now have their chance, as a retrospective of Lloyd's work, meticulously restored, tours the country in advance of a DVD package."
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    Default Who is this actor? (By: DJDasher)

    Sorry I can't answer your question but I've been thinking the same thing! I've twisted this page every which way just to figure it out. I guess since there is comments on this it would be known as brilliant advertising.

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    Default Who is this actor? (By: DJDasher)

    Have only seen a tiny bit of "Safety Last", many years ago. I believe that Lloyd starts out exiting through a door in the clock dial, then hangs, jumps, and falls all the way to a ground floor awning, then to the sidewalk. He apparently did the entire thing for real, himself. A sort of early Jackie Chan, where the feats themselves are the special effects.


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    Default Who is this actor? (By: DJDasher)

    I vaguely remember the film from a long time ago. I have been thinking it was the big mouth actor---"Joe E. Brown".

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    Default Who is this actor? (By: DJDasher)

    Thanks for the prompt and informative responses. It's a great shot. I always wondered whether it was a trick, or whether the actor (subject) was just plain nuts...


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    Default Who is this actor? (By: DJDasher)

    Harold Lloyd did a lot of films that showcased his physical prowess in "cliffhanger" episodes. I saw a number of his works many years ago & the guy is astounding! Some of the stunts are impossible, but they are done anyway-no trick photogrsaphy, no stunt man, no CG magic-just raw chutzpuh & talent!

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    Default Who is this actor? (By: DJDasher)

    Oh my gosh!

    I did a google search on Harold Lloyd and read his Bio and they mentioned that he had an accident in one of his films in which he blew off his right thumb and index finger. If you look closely at the picture of him hanging from the clock
    you will see on his right hand the prosthetic glove.

    Very interesting piece of trivia...
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