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    Default Charles F. Gordon Pocket Watch

    Your watch is probably a "private label," and Charles Gordon is the name of the jeweler that sold it, and not the person/company that manufactured the watch. There's a nice explanation of private labels at http://www.interstatetime.com/PrivateLabels/PL_Main.htm that you might want to look at.

    To figure out who actually manufactured your watch, a picture or two would help to identify it (there's instructions on "how to post images" in the upper right hand corner of the page).


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    Default Charles F. Gordon Pocket Watch (By: John F)

    There was either an Illinois or Hamilton private label on Ebay about a month ago, that was a sidewinder and I believe it was Charles Gordon. I remeber because I live about 2 hours from there and wanted the watch, but let it go, again, I think it was a sidewinder as it was a pretty reasonable price but jumped up a little at the end.

    There was also a private label from Helena Arkansas that I really wanted, as thats where my family is from...But you gotta eat and keep the lights on...


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