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    Samuel Goldstein

    Default Vauchay pocket watch

    Recta was a Bienne, Geneve manufacture under the company RECTA, SA Fabrique D'Horlogerie.

    Among other company names was the name Muller and Vaucher, the Vaucher is off from the spelling in your description.Pritchard lists trademarks as M&V in a shield over a star, "RECTA" in a triangle, VM over a star in a shield, Recta in script.

    Watch company won awards 1905, 1906 and 1929 Grand Prize in Barcelona. Can't be sure, but I hope this helps.

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    Default Vauchay pocket watch (By: Samuel Goldstein)

    According, once again, to Pritchard, Vauchay was VVe Louis Goering's trademark. VVE means "Widow" or Louis Goering's Widow's company. The earliest Vauchay reported is 1916. The company was founded in 1848.

    Pritchard does not list the name Recta as being associated with Goering. They are primarily described as making Swiss fakes of American watches with names like Attleboro or Chicago, etc.

    One possibility is that the dial and movement are a marriage.

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