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    Default A second Seth Thomas #2

    Good evening all,
    Visiting an estate sale last weekend, I ran across a Seth Thomas #2 marked just $58.00 and of course, I had to get it. It looked new to me however, especially when I got it home and compared it to my "old" #2. Reading old posts, I believe I now have #3457 of the Seth Thomas 4000 reissue series from 1976. Until now, I never knew these even existed. It seems that the folks on the Forum generally like these and I am very glad to have it. It has been running just fine all week.

    The last photo is my "old" #2. Can you tell me which wood you think it is? From the style of the three piece bow tie, it may be pre-1900? The other photos are the reissue clock and it really looks like they did a good job putting it together, the oak is just beautiful. What do you know about the lower number 7801 scratched into the plate?

    In some places on the web, I have seen these listed as 1970, 1976 and even 1980. Were all the 4000 made at the same time or did they spillover into other years? I would like to hear from others who have these and are they still a desirable clock? Thanks for any comments.
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    Default Re: A second Seth Thomas #2 (By: beedub)

    Nice clock and at a very good price! Even the repops are becoming collectible due to the rarity and price tag on the originals. You purchased that at a fraction of the cost. I have one in my collection that I found on an online auction that was in my local area. I am not sure if they spanned out the time making those clocks. It is definitely a keeper.

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    Default Re: A second Seth Thomas #2 (By: beedub)


    Great purchase on the reissue.

    The picture of the older #2 makes it difficult to identify the wood, but my guess would be either rosewood or mahogany. Both woods would have been more plentiful at the time of manufacture than they are today.


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