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    Default Need Regula AM44 new movements

    I have an affinity for these 1/4 hour strike mongrels and need several new movements. Black Forest only sells them if you are a dealer. Everyone on ebay is missing the hand shaft/gear combo. Any one have a source for these? I have purchased several parts clocks but need several new ones.
    Thanks in advance. I have exhausted all of Google looking!

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    Default Re: Need Regula AM44 new movements (By: Jocks54)

    Just tell BF that you're a dealer.
    1. Check out the Repair Hints & How-To's forum. You may find your answer there.

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    Default Re: Need Regula AM44 new movements (By: bangster)

    Fill out whatever forms they need, establish an account and order away
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    Default Re: Need Regula AM44 new movements (By: shutterbug)

    Talk to Scotty at Blackforest Imports I've been doing business with them for over 40 years. I met Pete the owner that started this company when I was 16 years old In LA. Nice company to do business with very helpful and informed.
    R&A it is what it is

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