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    Default Re: Hermle floating balance movement (By: CJo)

    When your clock ran, did it run with a full turn of rotation?
    I always look for a worn out barrels but the mainsprings don't give any trouble. With the balance assembly removed, nudge the fork left and right with a toothpick. The fork should snap cleanly left and right with a sharp metalic click sound.
    If you have good power at the fork, you can look to the balance adjustments for your problem. There are many adjustments. The beat as kolo just mentioned is imporyant for a self start. The adjustments that most often cause sluggishness are: the left right position of the lower fork stop fingers at the bottom of the balance frame. The fork should slap against each stop and at the same time there has to be a few thou clearance between the rollers and the fork tips. And, the front to back adjustment of the fork. The fork has to be far enough foward so that the impulse from the rollers is applied to the inner parallel surfaces of the fork and not the curved horns at either side.
    This balance is not easy to understand. It's best to study it for a long enough to know what has to ne done before you actually adjust anything.
    When correct, these clocks will self start and power up to a full 360 degree rotation in about 45 seconds.
    Willie X

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    Default Re: Hermle floating balance movement (By: Willie X)

    Do not know what I would do without this message board, and all the wonderful advisers on it. So many times it has helped me (and others).
    I would have never thought, on my own, that the barrel might be my issue. I pulled it out and looked at it. Some wear on the teeth, but I didn't think it was bad. Went and found a parts movement, pulled that barrel out and put it into the problem clock. A couple of cranks with the key, and lo and behold, the balance took off on it's own. Holy cow! That is so awesome. Thanks to all!

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