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    Default Dating a Siemens Halske Clock Face

    Hi !

    I'm new to this forum (actually any forum) so please bear with me. I recently bought a Siemens Halske Clock at auction as it rather appealed to me (it's purely the clock face and it's mechanism. The clock face diameter is 21cm. I've however hit dead ends in my research to try & date this clock. I was wondering if any members may be able to assist me. Please see photographs.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170808_174339.jpg 
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ID:	352962Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170809_113056.jpg 
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    Default Re: Dating a Siemens Halske Clock Face (By: bobontour)

    Welcome to the board.

    The Siemens trade mark logo that you have was registered in 1923, so your clock can't really be before that. As I understand it, you haven't got the case, so we can't use that to help date it. I would just say that it is probably between 1923 and the beginning of the war, but I may be wrong.

    If you post this enquiry in the Electric Horology section, someone who knows more than I do about electric clocks might be able to tell you something about the motor.

    One of the moderators may kindly do the move for you.


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    Default Re: Dating a Siemens Halske Clock Face (By: bobontour)

    Thanks JTD for the welcome and the information!

    It's a shame it has no casing, but I simply just loved the face on it's own. I shall post this enquiry to the Electric Horology section as you suggested & see if they may have any more information. Cheers for taking the time to reply. All the best.

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    Default Re: Dating a Siemens Halske Clock Face

    I should wait a little while before posting again in the Electrical section. Sometimes the moderators pick up on these things and move the whole thread for you. That way you will avoid duplication.


    PS I see you've already done it, so disregard what I wrote about waiting.
    Last edited by JTD; 08-10-2017 at 02:43 PM.

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