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    Default DeCharme or S. DeCharmes?

    Any Decharme(s) experts? I'm looking at 2 pieces - one is signed S. DeCharmes with the dial DECHARMES and the other is just signed Decharme and the dial the same.

    Are they both Simon Decharmes - maybe different eras? Or different people altogether. (Both pieces look really nice and from the late 17th early 18th period.)

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    Default Re: DeCharme or S. DeCharmes? (By: andynj)

    Hi andynj,

    Britten's has Simon (or Simone) Decharmes, making watches and clocks, working 1688-1730, had a son, David, working 1692-1740,known to have signed watches with 'Des Charmes London'. Bear in mind that spelling at this time was not an exact science!

    If you can show pictures without breaking the rules about current sales or auction items, we'd be interested to see them.



    "Ut tensio, sic vis" - Robert Hooke

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    Default Re: DeCharme or S. DeCharmes? (By: andynj)

    Thanks - the "S" was at a dealer and just sold (ie I missed it). I found the other one at another dealer but I want to be sure its "Simon".

    Don't think I can post pics given the rules.

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    Default Re: DeCharme or S. DeCharmes? (By: andynj)

    Andy, I would ask the dealer if it's by Simon Decharmes, and if he says yes then ask for that in writing. Then if you later find out that it's not, you can get your money back. If he say he doesn't know, then that should reduce the price significantly!
    Martin Rosen

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