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    Default JUNGHANS clock Art Deco

    I recently got this beautiful mantle clock form my grandparents, who had it as a present on their marriage on the 4th of May 1933. I have been looking on the web, but there is not one picture from this clock. It would be nice to have more information about it or a catalog (page) in which they tell when it's exactly made. The other question I will ask in another thread. But has anybody have more info? Thanks in advantage.

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    Default Re: JUNGHANS clock Art Deco

    Hi Airkey and wellcome to this message board.That´s a nice and well preserved Art Deco clock with a meaningfull provenance! I´d bet it contains a german movement,the style of the case differs from what was "en vogue" in Germany at that time,so I´d guess the case could be of Dutch origin.Or Junghans had ordered a batch of special cases for the dutch market.Anyway,could You please show detailed pics of the movement and tell us any marks or inscriptions visible in the interior of the clock?A great clock,thanks for showing!
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    Default Re: JUNGHANS clock Art Deco (By: Burkhard Rasch)

    Thank you very much for your information, Burkhard. It could be a special case for the Dutch market. Her some more pics.

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    Default Re: JUNGHANS clock Art Deco (By: Airkey)

    And by the way it still works perfectly. It strikes every half hour.

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