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    Default New Haven co. "Abbey"

    Are there two versions of the 1920's Gothic , 'Abbey' chime clock ?
    I've seen reference to this model being 14 1/4" tall, and others at 15 1/2"
    tall. I do see different back doors on examples of this model. If there are two versions, do they share the same movement ?
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    Default Re: New Haven co. "Abbey" (By: Ontime)

    Hello Ontime,

    Tran Duy Ly's New Haven book (Arlington Press) only shows the 15 1/2" size on page 98. The feet are small buttons so the lack of feet on a clock won't make it shorter to 14 1/4".


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    Default Re: New Haven co. "Abbey" (By: Jim Hartog)

    Their does seem to be two heights of the "Abbey". The shorter version has less distance from dial to peak of the arch. It seems as though the reduction came several years after it's introduction. Not sure why this was done, the tall (first) version is a better looking clock.

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