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    Default Grandfather Clock

    I just purchased a grandfather clock at an auction and was told it was an Ethan Allen. In checking the clock over I can't locate anything indicating Ethan Allen, but found the following information:

    Dial: AW
    Model: 3805
    Movement: W
    Finish: 225
    Serial #: 91076

    I tried going through the Ethan Allen website but that didn't really tell me anything. Can anyone help me out on gathering information on the clock. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock (By: djdray)

    Welcome to the board.

    It would be a great help if you would post photos of what you have.


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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock (By: JTD)


    Ethan Allen contracted the clock's manufacture to one of the clock companies in Zeeland, Michigan, Colonial Mfg. Co., Howard Miller Clock Co. or Trend/Sligh Clock Co.

    Andy Dervan

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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock (By: djdray)

    They also have a big plant of their own near Black Rock NC.
    If its an Ethan Allen, it will have Ethan Allen on the dial.
    Willie X

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