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    Default Re: Yellow cast brass for restoring movements (By: MartinM)

    I've read about 'cast plate' cuckoo clocks on this forum, but I've never seen one. If those plates were actually cast and not rolled or hammered afterward, wouldn't some investigation into whatever technique they used be helpful? The thought of hammering sheet brass out of a cast slug would have me casting (sic) about for some alternative method.

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    Default Re: Yellow cast brass for restoring movements (By: kinsler33)

    They are cast as a flat sheet but thicker than the final requirement as casting very thin sheet sections is likely to lead to some gaps. You do see some faults in dial sheets, they are acceptable if under the chapter ring.

    Longcase dial plates from the North of England often had a sort of cartwheel spoked look under the chapter ring to save brass. Although these are called cutouts they were usually there when cast.
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