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    Default Re: Need 2 mainsprings.

    It's always good to have options but there are a variety of "off the shelf" mainsprings available and Timesavers offers many but they don't stock all of them. I agree that it would be good to have this source included in the MB's list.

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    Default Re: Need 2 mainsprings. (By: Time After Time)

    Hello All

    I will let you know when I know more.


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    Default Re: Need 2 mainsprings.

    Quote Originally Posted by R. Croswell View Post
    Perhaps the administrators will add that link to the resources section?

    That's a very reasonable price for those custom springs. Of course that Welch Patti uses two main springs for each train and each pair needs to be matched. Nice to know there is a source. Last one I did I was able to get a pair of springs from one of the usual suppliers, ordered the same spring again for another clock a few months later and no longer available. I suspect it will become harder and harder to find uncommon springs 'off the rack'.

    It has been in our suppliers sticky for quite a while, RC. Check it out here:
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