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    Default Re: Seven Seas Pocket Watch (By: karlmansson)

    Quote Originally Posted by karlmansson View Post
    Happy to hear you found something you've been looking for!

    I'd suggest changing the crystal in any case. These older celluloid crystal yellow over time. It also makes a huge difference for the general appearance of a watch to have a new, scratchless crystal. You can get new acrylic crystals for pocket watches that look great.
    I did have the crystal changed karl.....and it certainly did make a very big difference as the dial itself is in very good condition and the watch looks cosmetically so much better now.....I live in a small rural town in Australia, so the glass had to be ordered from Brisbane and this added a great deal to the cost. Still it looks so much better and was definitely worth it!

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    Default Re: Seven Seas Pocket Watch (By: Skutt50)

    Quote Originally Posted by Skutt50 View Post
    I can understand and respect your thoughts.

    Just don't forgett that you might just have a watch that is not excessivly worn and running it without any service will likely take it to the worn state.

    Could you possibly ask your watchmaker if he would consider cleaning the movement without disassembly and oil it. This might increase your chanses of having a working movement for some years.....
    That is an excellent suggestion Skutt! I will see if the local watchmaker will agree to that...after all he is not actually having to dismantle the watch (And I think that was possibly the main reason behind his refusal to service the watch) so he may be agreeable to that. I'll keep you guys posted & thanks again for all the help! Doons

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