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Correct... I would generally be hesitant to buy from a collector, partly for this reason, and partly because of the likelihood that they will have swapped bits around, etc.

That said... a watch which is properly described and sells at fair market value, could still be a bargain to me if it happened to be filling the last gap in one of my sub-collections.

Another peeve - random mixed lots of watches, containing 1 Waltham.
Another peeve - listings that are not for a Waltham, but have been seeded with "Waltham" so they come up in my search results anyway.
Another peeve - selling either a random mixed lot of rubbish or one perfectly good watch, describing it as good for "steampunk".
I think this may be one advantage of collecting less-sought-after watches - less likelihood of bodging and Frankening. The disadvantage is that sometimes the watch hasn't been serviced in decades!