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    Default Sir Francis drake ball clock

    I recently acquired a sir Francis ball clock. I have no manual and have no idea how to set it up for it to start working.

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    Default Re: Sir Francis drake ball clock

    Wellcome to this message board and congratulations for this interesting gravity clock.In principal this is a weight-powered platform governed time only movement by Twaites and Reed,nothing special but quiet decorative.Make sure that the "gallow" the clock is attached to is intact,check the skrews where it is fixed to the panel.There have been reports that this gallow came loose and the clock fell down and smashed.Otherwise the clock needs a service and should run.The mainspring" doesn´t power the clock but rewinds the steel band when the clock is lifted up once a week for winding.The clock is self-starting provided it hangs on its steel band and the platform is intact and serviced.HTH
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