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    Default What would you charge?

    I was recently contacted by a company with a request to assist pricing some clocks in various, unknown working condition being sold as-is at an upcoming estate sale.
    What would you charge for that service.. hourly rate? There are a large number of clocks (over 100). Any problem providing that service for a fee?

    Hope the question is allowed here.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: What would you charge? (By: MikeBY)

    A flat fee or a percentage of sales seems logical - your preference. Bear in mind that the selling price of clocks is flat right now, and there will be a desire to price them higher than is likely to be received. With that many clocks I would recommend an auction.
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    Default Re: What would you charge? (By: shutterbug)

    I would charge a flat fee per clock to provide date, manufacturer, price. The auction house is going to charge what they think is a good price and add buyers fees etc , so don't be shy.

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    Default Re: What would you charge? (By: MikeBY)

    I would insist on looking at the clocks to see if they can be identified at all....wouldn't want to tell them that I can give them manufacturer, rough date period, price, etc.

    Then I would tell them what I would charge....I wouldn't charge a % of sales....either fixed price and if there is a good clock in there I might barter for the clock in lieu of payment....you never know.

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    Default Re: What would you charge? (By: Dick C)

    Thanks for the input and advice.
    I've known this estate sale person for some while, and offered my services to him on occasion related to specific issues. After my post I had a further discussion, and we agreed on an hourly rate because this wasn't strictly an identify and appraise. He needed someone to dig through a lot of storage and triage what was being found because it was a very disorganized situation with a lot of "projects" and incomplete clocks.
    So, for the treasure hunt, (which after 4 hours I will continue tomorrow), it seemed most fair to just pay for my time as somewhat knowledgeable hands and eyes to separate sellable clocks from parts and "projects" that appear to have most of the components there, and to flag anything of unusual value. He's always been fair with me and to his clients. I wouldn't work with him otherwise.
    I do like the suggestions here that a flat rate per clock or % basis for identification, condition and market estimate is a good way to go. Since I don't do appraisals normally (in fact I avoid them), I'm not sure I would be comfortable or have all the necessary resources to do it formally for a large number of clocks, particularly if they were in higher value ranges.
    This house.. Mostly early-mid 20th century, a few late 1890s and way too many from the black forest with birds that are missing pendulum and weights. Lots of projects and parts

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    Default Re: What would you charge? (By: MikeBY)

    I work with an auctioneer, and I charge an hourly fee, including travel time, I will give him my estimate on what I think fair market value in an auction is, normally they go for more.
    Larry Pearson, FNAWCC* #35863

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