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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    Where can I obtain technical information on the proper set up of the Ithaca Calendar clock mechanism?

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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    Where can I obtain technical information on the proper set up of the Ithaca Calendar clock mechanism?

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    Forums Administrator harold bain's Avatar
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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    Hi, RW. try Joel Warren at
    His home phone # 607-387-7104
    harold bain, Member ch 33
    "If it won't "tick",
    let me "tock" to it"

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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    What did you need to know.

    Ithaca Calendar Clock Co.,Inc.

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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    Hi Mike-
    I need to know how to set up the proper day, date, month, and year on my office calendar #4 made by Welch in1885.
    Ray Fischer, rwfischer3@aol.com

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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    Are you talking about an Ithaca Office #4 with a ENWelch movement-but an Ithaca Calendar movement?

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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    You can try this too:



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    Default Ithaca Calendar Set-up

    I have conducted a Forum search and found this thread. I have also read through Mr Losch's excelent article "On Setting and Adjusting Ithaca Calendar Clock Movements".

    I seem to have a different problem from the above reference material. The clock is an Ithaca Round Top Rosewood No. 5. (Picture of clock is on pg. 137 or Ly's "Calendar Clocks' and the movment & calendar mechanism are as shown on pg. 138.) Clock runs well and the calendar mechanism trips properly for the day/date and month.

    The problem is the mechanism trips every 18 hours vs. 24 hours (cycle time).

    It is a Horton Calendar mechanism with the two rods connecting 1/2 way up the back to a single wire to the clock movement calendar lever.

    I have spent several frustrating hours attempting to adjust the cycle time with little success. Anyone know a repair solution or adjustment tips that will help with this predicament.

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