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    Default Main Spring Click Rivet

    I am in need of help to learn how to properly rivet a click on the main gear of a sessions clock. I am trying to replace the warn click with a new one. The information I need is what tool do I use to properly "set" the rivet on the gear. Any help provided will be greatly appreciated. PS. This is my first attempt at posting a thread on this site. James Bedingfield

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    Default Re: Main Spring Click Rivet (By: James Bedingfield)

    Welcome to the message board. You will find a mass amount of knowledge here.
    I make my own rivets. The after market ones don't always work well for allot of applications. I measure the head and drill a indent into a piece of aluminium the size of the head or a little bigger but not by much. I stake the under side down with a round ended staking tool. Be careful not to seat to much. If the click becomes to tight. But the head into a bigger hole and slightly tap till it becomes loose enough to operate properly. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Main Spring Click Rivet (By: James Bedingfield)

    Welcome to the MB. Just a few points will describe how I do this. It's also how the clicks were usually insalled originally.
    You will need a set of cutting broaches, a small ball peen hammer (4 ounce), a jewellers saw, and of course the click, click spring, and a suitable rivet. A small vice with an anvil back is handy too.
    First, make the hole in the click to be a loose but not 'sloppy loose' fit on the rivet. Next, make the hole in the spoke a tight fit for the rivet, and slightly bevel the sharp inner edge of the hole on the spring side, you can do this with a
    3/16" drill bit.
    Now, assemble it all together and see that it works correctly, check the action at every tooth, no iffyness is allowed. ☺ Lastly, mark the rivet shaft about 1/16" proud of the wheel, cut it off with the jewellers saw, and carefully peen the rivet a little at a time until the rivet is secure but not tight, it must be free enough to move by gravity alone.
    Notes, If your new rivet has a round head, flatten the dome some with a file. This will keep it from rolling and make riveting easier. Clicks
    are easy to make from scrap brass using your jewellers saw and a file. If you get the rivet to tight, it's easy to loosen by placing the rivet head into a hole drilled in a block of steel, sized just a tiny bit larger than the rivet head. Tap the rivited part lightly, with the flat side of the hammer, the to tight rivet will loosen easily.
    Good luck,
    Willie X

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    Default Re: Main Spring Click Rivet (By: Willie X)

    The rivet has to be shouldered, so when you peen it, it won't get too tight to let the click move.
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    Default Re: Main Spring Click Rivet (By: shutterbug)

    The last time I did this I used shoulder rivets and clicks from Timesavers. And in my supply of odd tools I discovered a nail set, which is a punch with a spherical hollow in the tip. This worked admirably for peening over the rivet.

    Work slowly when you're riveting, because it's easy to make the rivet too tight, at which point you get to start over.

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