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    Default Hamilton 946 Military?

    I need help identifying this watch. Has anyone ever seen a dial like this on a 946 Hamilton before? Its not radium. It has nothing in the numbers and I dont think it ever did. The only dials I have ever seen like this are on military watches. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Hamilton 946 Military?

    Those dials show up now & then. I have several of them. They were available through the Hamilton Material section as replacements .

    Your watch was sold to a jeweler, Despress Bridges & Noel on 11-27-1909, not a war time period.

    Someone most likely replaced the original damaged dial with whatever they could find. While you have it off see if you can find a proper replacement.

    For the time period of your watch, you would need a Double Sunk dial(either Montgomery or regular) with "Hamilton" in script..

    PS. Welcome to the Message Board!
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    Default Re: Hamilton 946 Military? (By: Jim Haney)

    Thats awesome. Thanks Jim. I really appreciate the information. I will aquire the appropriate dial. Have a great day.

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