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    Default Buying supplies in NYC?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a hobbyist working on cleaning up a couple small ladies pendant watches for gifts. I've got them both running, so I'm moving to cleaning/oiling/adjusting but I'm missing a few materials. Does anyone have any recommendations for brick and mortar stores in the NYC area where I could purchase lubricants (KT-22, 9415) and other basic supplies (finger cots/wirebaskets)? I know I can order from Ofrei or Esslinger, but I'd rather avoid paying shipping every time I need one little thing.

    All suggestions are appreciated.


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    Default Re: Buying supplies in NYC? (By: stuperdude)

    I used to live in Westchester and did business in NYC and can't think of anyone, I always order from Cas-Ker, Jules Borel, they seem to be a little cheaper than Ofrei,

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    Default Re: Buying supplies in NYC? (By: stuperdude)

    A quick Google search found these listed here: https://www.yellowpages.com/new-york...pment-supplies

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    Default Re: Buying supplies in NYC? (By: Samantha)

    Thanks Samantha! I found a few online as well, I was really hoping someone could recommend one in particular. I've gone by a few only to find that they really just cater to jewellers.

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    Default Re: Buying supplies in NYC? (By: stuperdude)

    I remember it being much the same in some of the L.A. suppliers. They were much more cooperative if you arrived at the counter with part numbers, proper measurements, etc., in hand. They want you to make it easy on them, as their margin probably only allows for so much help being given. At least that's how I found in here. Good luck.

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