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    Default D. Gruen & Son pocket watch...

    I am a relatively new member who has his great grandfather's watch in running condition.

    It is a D. Gruen & Son pocket watch with a very low serial number (62059). It is in a nickel-plated plain case. This movement swings out and is very tricky to have it "seat" back into the case after viewing the movement.

    Since I feel that it may be a somewhat valuable watch (in addition to my family value), I don't want doing service other than cleaning & oiling unless I am certain that it won't harm its condition to a serious collector.

    My first question is: Is service, other than cleaning / oiling / regulating, recommended?

    2nd question: Is there a member who can do such servicing or who could recommend someone?

    I enjoy reading many of the threads and learning from you.


    Robert Jackson

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    Default Re: D. Gruen & Son pocket watch... (By: Robert Jackson)

    Pictures would be helpful to help you. Cleaning and oiling are always a plus for an old watch, makes it last longer without wear and tear, it would not affect the value, nor would installing a new mainspring. What would affect value would be any damage done by an improper repair. Nickel cases are not worth too much and unless the movement is rare or desired, the value would probably not be to high. but before we go out on a limb, please post some pictures.

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    Default Re: D. Gruen & Son pocket watch...

    That is the lowest serial number original 18 size German Assmann made p.w. for Gruen I know of. Gruen started 1894 with serial 62000. The case likely was originally gold. Easily fit in American 18s cases. Google ebay for examples and values and search this forum for examples. artbissell
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 856715-gruen-produced-cheap-1945-50th-s0430275acopy.jpg  
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    Default Re: D. Gruen & Son pocket watch... (By: artbissell)

    If it swing out up towards the winding crown, teh trick is pull teh crown out before swinging it up and it will also return more easily with the crown out. Serviceing tghese when in running order is usually not difficult and there are many watch repair people who can do this.

    If you click on teh logo at the top and then member business directory and then search for watch repair and restoration business you will get a listing. The few I now on this list are very good. Look for repair or restoration in their business name. If they list sales and service ask if they do the service themselves or send the work out.


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    Default Re: D. Gruen & Son pocket watch... (By: richiec)

    Ritchie, Art, & Jon...

    I am a novice on these boards. I couldn't even see how to reply until I happened to see that I need to sign in. Anyway, I will attempt to post some photos from my laptop, using the camera image on the tool bar.

    Even if it doesn't work, I greatly appreciate you guys getting back to me and offering advice.


    It looks like it worked! I don't see how to post this reply. I am going to try the "Submit Quick Reply" and hope I don't lose the 6 photos.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Gruen Pocket Watch - case inside marks.jpg   Gruen Pocket Watch - case back - 2.jpg   Gruen Pocket Watch - Dial-3.jpg   Gruen Pocket Watch - Face & Cord.jpg   Gruen Pocket Watch - Movement & Serial.jpg  

    Gruen Pocket Watch - Movement serial number.jpg  

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    Default Re: D. Gruen & Son pocket watch... (By: Robert Jackson)

    There are only about 6000 of these first Gruen p.w. Although fine quality are not very popular with collectors. Yours is interesting to me since it is a good example of a well used and serviced one probably well appreciated for its accuracy. I have a few acquired easily. Many retain their original gold cases so I acquired at near scrap values. A well used movement is commonly not valued any more than a top grade American made 18 size in my experience. Not many serious Gruen p.w. collectors.
    German collectors make the more common Assmann marked similar to the Gruen expensive but ignor the Gruen. Art Click image for larger version. 

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