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    Default Some info about Gustav Becker clock

    Hi.I've recently bought a Gustav Becker clock.Serial number 1548912.The weights are replaced (now have 1 bigger and 1 smaller).It would be very interesting to get more information about the clock and ideas about the original weights (size and weight).Also the clock doesn't have the key. Any info about it would be genuinely appreciated.
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    Default Re: Some info about Gustav Becker clock (By: baubau)

    Weights should have dimensions ca 4 x 10,5 cm, weight about 1360 - 1400 grams. You need the crank, not a key.
    Clock was made in 1901.

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    Default Re: Some info about Gustav Becker clock (By: tarant)

    The clock was built in the early part of 1901. Some info on the patent number of the pendulum leader is given in this post:



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