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    Default Seth Thomas #5 Post clock

    Hello tower clock gang!

    Thought I would share my latest project. It is still a work in progress for years to come, but I got the heart of the "Old fella" back ticking right.

    And yes I know there are many other things this clock needs, dial resto, exterior paint, etc....but this is not a municipal clock, it belongs to a storekeeper and budget is limited. So this was a functional/practical restoration, not a museum.
    I brought the movement home last summer and have just put the restored movement back in on May 6th. Here's a cool fact that I just found out......I restored its "heart" for its 100th birthday! This clock was originally installed in Shenandoah PA, in 1917 in front of Levitt Store. So makes me feel good I helped marked a huge event in this clocks journey with a restored heart beat!

    Here is a link to the youtube video from the other weekend after installing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XArMIzBYeA0 As you can see its on a very busy road, so hopefully everyone can enjoy it once again.

    Also there are before and after pics, and as you can see NASTY, and as we say in Georgia AIN'T the world for this movement. The White? paint (don't know why white was used) was all cracked up, it was covered with white spray lube, and you just couldn't even touch the thing without grease getting everywhere.

    Enjoy and I'll keep you posted on future work, but its a start to getting this old fella standing proud again serving the community!

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas #5 Post clock (By: DanJeffries)

    Well the research is coming together fairly easy on this clock as the current owner has the story fairly correct. The clock did service at McGee Transportation Museum right outside of Bloomsburg PA which opened in the 60's and then closed when Mr. McGee died in 72. All his museum pieces were sold at auction the following year from train cars, memorabilia and including this clock. Here is a pic of it on a post card!

    I'm in touch with the historic society in Shenandoah PA, trying to see if they have a historic photograph of downtown showing the clock before it was moved to this museum.....keep your fingers crossed.
    Stay tuned....

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas #5 Post clock (By: DanJeffries)

    I have looked at Youtube, the clock looks and sounds great
    I could listen to that tick all day long
    We do not have many Post clocks like that in the UK

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas #5 Post clock (By: Les harland)

    Thanks for sharing this restoration project with us. Your work on the movement looks great!

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