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    Default Universal Geneve 215-17 puzzle-- self wind question

    Hello All
    I am looking for some input regarding this movement.
    I have serviced this movement and it is the type with a micro rotor. After service, the watch runs fine when manually wound, but the self wind mechanism doesn't seem to do its job. I'll explain what I found/observed and ask for comments.
    Manually winding the watch until I feel the mainspring slip, then continuing to wind it until I get just up to that point, gives me over 300 degrees of motion on the timing machine and a good run time-- no problems there. If I use a pick to rotate the micro rotor, I can see the wheels wind the mainspring, and when I do this with no power on the spring, the rotor flips around easily, and when I do it after manually winding the watch, there is more resistance-- just as I wound expect. But when I put it on the winder, which is actually the Bergeon final test machine (1 rpm), the watch will run down, even if left on non-stop.I have done this with the back off, just to make sure the rotor was not rubbing on the back, same results. By leaving the back off, I can, of course, see that the rotor does turn freely and rotates where gravity takes it, but the final result is a watch that runs down. What am I missing?
    Could it be that the winder just doesn't rotate enough, as technically it is a position tester, whereas the 4 rpm unit is considered the winder? Still, I would think that by starting with a full wind and leaving it on my machine, it would maintain at least some power, but it doesn't. Any thoughts would be appreciated. George

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    Default Re: Universal Geneve 215-17 puzzle-- self wind question (By: watchwldr)

    Is it possible the mainspring doesn't have enough resistance (reverse curl) to grip more/slip less?
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