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    Default looking for a crystal

    I have a little watch from the forties that has an " Acme-Hyropel" case. The Plastic is completely shattered and I cannot find a replacement in the GS catalog. The crystal measures 24 by 22 and fits INSIDE the case against a gasketted back .... Does anyone have any ideas where i can buy one ? thks, charles e

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    Default Re: looking for a crystal (By: charles e)

    in 22x24, are these 90˚ angle corners? Is this a rectangle? are there any curves anywhere? This was usually called an inverse crystal if my memory serves me correctly and can actually be pressed from perspex by pushing it from the inside of the actual case.

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    Default Re: looking for a crystal (By: roughbarked)

    the crystal has square corners and a #1 curve top to bottom....

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