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    Default ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - !

    I hope I am allowed to ask this question. I am looking for Morbier parts and came across this site. Is it a genuine shop or a joke. It looks genuine but my Dutch is non existent and I am finding it difficult to read the help pages and get any real information. It seems to be part of some market or group of stores or something.

    Please excuse my ignorance, and this will probably seem a nonsensical question to any of you who may have used this store. It seems really good. Do I understand correctly something about a fee for overseas transactions?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for parts for Morbiers?


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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: paddy2042)

    Website looks good, but I have never heard of them. Perhaps others have had experience with them. I see Morbier parts on eBay regularly.
    Will Walker (WOW)

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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: wow)

    Perhaps "Joke" is a surname? Sounds a bit like Jauch.
    Living life at eight beats per minute.

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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - !

    Hi Patrick,

    I can understand it all very well. This is a perfectly legitimate site and has been selling clock parts for several years. Don't worry about the word Joke, that is a woman's Christian name in Dutch.

    If you scroll down to near the bottom, you will find a place to click and turn it all into English. However, I think that is done by Google because it is really terrible English.

    The main problem for you is that Joke doesn't really want overseas orders. In Dutch she says 'only within Europe' but in the English version she says she will add 25 Euros to the bill for bank charges. Also she doesn't seem to take credit cards and wants a bank transfer. This is easy to do inside the Euro zone, not cheap from outside.

    If there is any part(s) you really want, I would be happy to talk to her in Dutch on the phone and see if we can arrange something.

    Send me a PM if you think I can help.


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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: paddy2042)


    You didn't say what parts you are looking for, but Meadows & Passmore in UK (www.m-p.co.uk) sell some comtoise parts and they send all over the world and take credit cards.


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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: paddy2042)

    I have many antique Comtoise/Mprbier parts. Let me know what you need. PM me.


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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: Ralph)

    JTD I cant find the ENGLISH. button ?

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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: TEACLOCKS)

    Scroll right down to the bottom of the page. On the left hand side is a block headed 'Winkelinformatie'. There follow some options written in red, one is 'Englisch' (although it is written in German, she means English). Click on that and you will get a (rather strange) English translation.

    Let me know if you need further help.


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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: JTD)

    Another Google Translate option is to search for the site in Google and (in English speaking countries) you should see a "Translate this page" option. It translates the page (with limited success) and any other links you follow from that page. A translation provided by the site may be better, depending on how (and when) it was done.
    Living life at eight beats per minute.

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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: MartinM)

    Thank you all for your kind assistance and offers. It is on these occasions that being upside down on the other side of the globe has distinct disadvantages! Thank you JTD and Ralph, that is very kind of you. I will investigate further and let you know.

    Many thanks


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    Default Re: ! - Joke Klokonderdelen - ! (By: paddy2042)

    As I was talking to these guys (Joke-Klokonderdelen) trying to figure out how to ship a Gustav Becker movement to me in the United States they sold the movement I wanted to some one else.
    Nice, Real nice

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