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    Default Two clocks made by Kern & Söhne


    Today I would like to introduce again 2 clocks, both made by Kern & Söhne.
    A complement to my extensive collection.

    Both clocks are probably from the same time, I think 50 to 60 years old.

    The optical difference is all the more surprising.
    The first one seems to have escaped straight to Rococo,
    The other is simple factually sober.

    I personally like the simple better. But that is a pure taste.
    Nevertheless, as a collector you want to have them all !!

    The History of Rococo:
    This clock was already converted to a Quartz clock, don't know why.
    For this reason I was able to purchase it at a flea market for small money.
    Then I searched for the photos of the original clock, and I found some.
    Thanks to my spare warehouse I was able to reverse the conversion,
    needing little time and little cost.
    I used a movement with Plate No 1406F.

    The second clock has a special feature.
    A movement, With only 6 beats per minute. (Plate No 1406A)
    Thus, the pendulum turns slower than usual (20 seconds for a full period).
    I like it when the pendulum turns slowly.
    But that too is taste.

    Because I love slow turning pendulums, like ATMOS does, I have some projekts
    and I am making some experiments. Maybe, I will write a separate article next time.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCI1576.JPG   DSCI1577.JPG   DSCI1578.JPG   DSCI1579.JPG   DSCI1580.JPG  

    DSCI1584.JPG   DSCI1585.JPG   DSCI1589.JPG   DSCI1590b.jpg  

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