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    Default Hamilton Serial # Lookup on Main site is not working

    Maybe Markus or someone can fix this.

    The box where you type in the serial number is not showing on the Hamilton data base page.

    I sent a email to the address listed on the main site but no reply. The address was,

    Jim Haney

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    Default Re: Hamilton Serial # Lookup on Main site is not working (By: Jim Haney)

    Because that facility uses an external script to function, it recently started to be hidden by the security settings of some browsers.

    We've gone from "http" to "https" (secured web browsing) on our main site recently, which has caused some odd behavior in some of our scripts.

    Browsers may now consider that page (and a few others on our site) to have "mixed content" (secure and non-secure). It views any use of external scripting as "unsecure." Our scripts are actually perfectly secure; but we're configuring things so our site will be recognized by the browsers properly.

    By the time you receive this, the problem should be fixed. If not, you can follow these instructions:

    To view material (like the Hamilton serial number look up) when you go to those pages in Internet Explorer, a little popup will tell you only secure content is displayed. Click "Show all content" and the script will load properly.

    In Chrome, a little red block will appear on the tiny shield icon in the upper right hand corner of the address bar at the top of the browser. Click on it and select "load unsafe scripts" to allow the script to load.

    In Firefox, click on the green padlock in the upper left hand corner of the address bar at the top of the page. Then click the arrow and select "disable protection for now." That will allow the script to load.

    Sorry for any inconvenience!


    Markus Harris
    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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