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    Default Horological cutters -- identification

    I just picked up some cutters. The seller had obtained the lot from buying out a watchmaker's estate several years ago along with other material. He does not recall whom he bought it from or if that seller was a watch repair person or a dealer.

    From the pictures, you will see that they are a mixed lot. The condition varies from almost pristine to moderate surface rust.

    They are different types: some are the solid Carpano types, some are the twisted types for use in a topping tool and some are the regular (for want of a better description) cutters w/ 20 teeth. I also have some sets with 10 cutters each in serially numbered zip lock bags.

    I am looking for information on these cutters and the numbering convention. I have looked at pictures of the Thornton cutters online but the markings on mine are different.

    There are different sizes in the lot. The small cutters have an OD of 10 or 12 mm with an ID of 4.3 mm. The cutters for the topping tool are 23.6 mm OD with 4.2 mm ID.

    As an example of the markings, I am giving below the markings on one set of 10 cutters.

    168 9 P
    169 10
    171 10 P
    171 9
    172 10
    172 10
    172 8
    174 10
    175 8 P
    175 8

    Does the 'P' denote a pinion cutter ?

    Some of the loose topping cutters have the following markings.

    0.55 PS
    0.35 G
    0.34 G
    0.41 C
    0.41 D
    0.45 H

    And, yes I have looked in the book by J Malcolm Wild but didn't find anything. The numbers on my cutters do not match the numbers in the tables. Or maybe I'm just too dumb to see it.

    Some of the cutters have a logo that looks like a 'P' inside a 'C' or 'G'. Searching online for a logo for Carpano turns up references to Vermouth, which is nice but not what I'm looking for at the moment.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Arrow Re: Horological cutters -- identification (By: sharukh)

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    Default Re: Horological cutters -- identification (By: Ralph)


    I've seen that link. That table is also in J Malcolm Wild's book. Unfortunately, the numbers on my cutters (at least the ones I have gone through) are not found in this table.


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