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    Default Wow..... Surprise very rare Hamilton find!

    Was at the thrift today and saw these two pocketwatch movements sitting on top of this leather bag, clearly old as well. At first I thought nothing of it because it was two junky looking ladies movements. For $5 though I gave it a shot, at first a common Hampden Diadem. But then the Hamilton.... I looked it up and had never seen a ladies movement worth so much before. Sure, mine is pretty dirty but it's green gunk from inside the leather bag, I don't see any rust. The balance wheel moves but it doesn't run. Is it missing anything? does anyone think it is serviceable? I would LOVE to get this up and running in a wrist case. Truly a great find for $5 especially since I almost passed up on it.
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    Default Re: Wow..... Surprise very rare Hamilton find! (By: Spartcom5)

    Verdigris (the green grunge) is very
    time consuming and troublesome to
    remove. An online search will bring
    up methods -- some aren't friendly
    to ferrous parts.

    "how to remove verdigris"

    It's really a question of 'what's your
    time worth'? Counting the number
    of grains in 2 pounds of rice could
    be more fun.
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    Default Re: Wow..... Surprise very rare Hamilton find! (By: LloydB)

    Here's my Lady Hamilton

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    Default Re: Wow..... Surprise very rare Hamilton find! (By: rrstd)

    Well good news. Dropped it off today with my watchmaker and he's confident he can get it up and running. As for the green stuff, he's dealt with it before and has had great results. Fingers crossed! Now to find a case for it!! Any idea where to look?

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    Default Re: Wow..... Surprise very rare Hamilton find! (By: Spartcom5)

    I'm very lucky... I just remembered I bought this pocket/wrist conversion awhile back at an estate sale for $15 in a period correct cushion case. Turns out it's none other than a 0s size wrist case!!! I have a case for this movement should it clean up and work and it's a correct case for the watch as well!! I'll have to swap the 7 jewel Elgin out but oh well, it's worth it. Here is my watch and here is a 983 wrist watch. Ad showing a 981 in a nickel cushion, exact one I have currently. I'm still going to look for a circular gold filled 0s case, if anyone can help that'd be great.

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    Default Re: Wow..... Surprise very rare Hamilton find! (By: Spartcom5)

    I remember a Swiss colleague telling me when I showed him my lady hamilton "that movement is the PAtek Philippe of America"
    Jeffrey P. Hess, collector, historian, writer, CEO Ball WATCH USA

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