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    Default Grandfather Clock built in the Cival War -Location of Date Built?

    I have searched behind the face and have looked around but I can't find the date that the clock was made. It is an ECHO Gong and the face slides out but I don't want to risk breaking it.

    Any ideas on where the date made would be located??

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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock built in the Cival War -Location of Date Built? (By: LynneS)

    This may help: http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?1...ong-Clock-Help

    I am not an expert on these, but some pictures of the movement would certainly help. Hopefully some folks with more knowledge will chime in soon.

    Welcome to the message board!

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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock built in the Cival War -Location of Date Built? (By: LynneS)

    Welcome to the board.

    As Scott's link tells you, ECHO Gong is one of the trade names of Friedrich Mauthe of Schwenningen (Germany) one of the larger German manufacturers, in business from 1844 to 1975.

    It is not likely that you will find a date anywhere on the clock. However, if you can post some photos of the clock it may well be possible to give you an approximate date of manufacture. What makes you think it dates to the civil war period? I suspect it is considerably later than that, but without a photo it is impossible to say.


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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock built in the Cival War -Location of Date Built? (By: JTD)

    Hello Lynne,

    Background information:
    First, the term "grandfather clock" was not coined until 1870.

    Grandfather clock production did not begin until after 1900 (US and Germany); chiming hall clock production began in 1890s in England and US.

    Tall clock production (correct term for Grandfather clock) stopped in US in about 1825, there was some long clock production (correct term for grandfather clock) in England and Scotland until about 1860.

    It would be helpful to see good quality clock photographs - make sure it is the entire clock (do not cut off feet or finials), dial closeup, and movement. Do not use cell phone or tablet - poor quality.

    Your clock was most likely produced in 20th century not around civil war (1860s) and probably from Germany. Some US clock manufacturers imported German movements beginning just prior to WWI and resumed after WWI.

    Andy Dervan

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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock built in the Cival War -Location of Date Built? (By: Andy Dervan)

    One comment on Andy's post… I have an iPhone 6s that takes phenomenal photos. The trick is to make sure you upload photos that are as large as possible. The iPhone (for example) will take photos that are 3 to 4000 pixels wide at 72 dots per inch… the forum will automatically downsize those to 1600 pixels wide… which is plenty. The only problem is if you try to upload a bunch of large images it will take forever. You can do one or two at a time and then submit your post
    i collect antique clocks because i get all that extra time...

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    Default Re: Grandfather Clock built in the Cival War -Location of Date Built? (By: bruce linde)

    Peak production of longcase clocks in the UK was in the first half of the 19th century, although they had been made throughout the 18th century and had started in the second half of the 17th century production numbers were small by a huge number of producers. In the 18th century production was huge by a few producers.

    Musical longcase existed here from the 17th century but were produced in much larger numbers in the 19th century and in the revival clocks of the late 18th and early 20th centuries.
    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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