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    Default Any info on this old clock?

    I went to see my cousin who is clearing out his father's house and we came across this clock. I took a few photos of it, we know nothing about it. I think the outer casing is metal, it is a heavy item. Would anyone have any information about it which I could pass on to him?

    There is a date inscribed on the back, plus numbers. Also something scratched into the inner bottom of clock.

    Size was approx. 8 inches high x 7 inches wide (doing that from memory so very approximate).

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_3393.jpg   IMG_3397 2.jpg   IMG_3397.jpg   IMG_3400.jpg   IMG_3403.jpg  

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    Default Re: Any info on this old clock?

    It appears to be a French marble timepiece probably late 19th C.

    It should have a pendulum if it hasn't been lost.

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    Default Re: Any info on this old clock? (By: Kathykate)

    Welcome to the board, Kate.

    As Jonathan says, your clock should have a pendulum. Have a good look inside the case and see if it has got down at the bottom or stuck in corner. Even if it has got lost, replacements can be bought quite cheaply.

    The scratched marks are no help really, they were probably put on by a repair man, although the date of 19/5/05 gives you an idea of when at least one service was carried out.

    These French movements often had no maker's mark.


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    Default Re: Any info on this old clock? (By: JTD)

    Thanks all for replies, will pass on to my cousin. Think if the date refers to a service, it would have been done in 15/5/1905, not 2005, as my cousin had never seen the clock before, it was buried at the back of a cupboard.

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    Default Re: Any info on this old clock? (By: Kathykate)

    Yes, of course, I meant 1905, 2005 didn't even occur to me...............it's called being old!


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    Default Re: Any info on this old clock? (By: JTD)

    On picture number three, it shows the underneath of the clock with something scratched into the white inners. It looked like the outside was made of a different material to the inside, which looked like rough white stone. I didn't think to get a better photo, but you can just see where the outside material is and the inside material. So did they just put the more expensive marble on the outside, and use cheaper stuff inside for weight/strength? What is the inside made of?

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    Default Re: Any info on this old clock? (By: Kathykate)

    Yes, all the various parts are held together with a type of very fine mortar slurry called 'slip'. Sometimes there are metal fittings or anchors that are attached with the slip too. All this weather's well and will last indefinately, or until it falls off the mantle. ☺
    Willie X

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