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    Default My Bell & Ross BR-01

    Thought I'd share my Bell & Ross BR-01 Skull watch. This is the original 2009 model. Only thing I don't like is how hard it is for me to see the hands due
    to my Old Eyes! I can really only see them well in good sunlight. I contacted
    Bell & Ross to see if they would paint or replace the hands, but they refused.
    Acted as if even the request was tantamount to heresy! LOL! You'd think for close to 7 grand..they might be a mite more accommodating!
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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: Unkei)

    You're kidding, 7 grand for that watch. Is it platinum plated? Ouch.

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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: richiec)

    Hi richiec,
    Nope....no precious metals. Just a limited edition honoring our Airborne Troops. Came with a special box and an Airborne Patch...LOL! But, I just wanted it..and the heart will not be denied. Truthfully though, the cheapest Bell & Ross comes in at about 4 grand!
    "A 44 and an 88 both make music, though of different kinds."

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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: Unkei)

    Nice watch. My stores are authorized dealers of this brand. I know we vintage guys who can buy a nice HAmilton vintage gold filled watch for 100 bux or a nice 1602 steel datejust ROlex for 1500 or so often are shocked at the prices of newer watche.

    But OP's watch is awesome and priced about right. 12 months ago a fellow walked into our store and bought 2 Bell & Ross Tourbillons. His cost for the paiir? 255k. Not a typo.

    Different world in new vs vintage
    Jeffrey P. Hess, collector, historian, writer, CEO Ball WATCH USA

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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: Jeff Hess)

    On the hands; I have a watch I really like but its hands too were hard to see. When we had it apart we put a small dab of white paint on the tips of the hands. Almost anything including "White out" works and it is not hard to do. Most such materials are easy to remove, if in the future, someone wants to restore it to original.

    If you want a bit more you can get the tips dotted with superluminova so you could read it in the dark. It is low risk and easy to do.

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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: Dr. Jon)

    Hi Dr. Jon,
    Yeah...know it can be done..but don't think I'd be comfortable taking the crystal off a watch that cost me nearly 7 grand! And even if I could find a jeweler who would try it...I'm pretty certain it would void my warranty! So...even though I know exactly what needs done...I am hesitant.
    Thanks for your reply,
    "A 44 and an 88 both make music, though of different kinds."

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