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    Default My Bell & Ross BR-01

    Thought I'd share my Bell & Ross BR-01 Skull watch. This is the original 2009 model. Only thing I don't like is how hard it is for me to see the hands due
    to my Old Eyes! I can really only see them well in good sunlight. I contacted
    Bell & Ross to see if they would paint or replace the hands, but they refused.
    Acted as if even the request was tantamount to heresy! LOL! You'd think for close to 7 grand..they might be a mite more accommodating!
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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: Unkei)

    You're kidding, 7 grand for that watch. Is it platinum plated? Ouch.

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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: richiec)

    Hi richiec,
    Nope....no precious metals. Just a limited edition honoring our Airborne Troops. Came with a special box and an Airborne Patch...LOL! But, I just wanted it..and the heart will not be denied. Truthfully though, the cheapest Bell & Ross comes in at about 4 grand!
    "A 44 and an 88 both make music, though of different kinds."

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    Default Re: My Bell & Ross BR-01 (By: Unkei)

    Nice watch. My stores are authorized dealers of this brand. I know we vintage guys who can buy a nice HAmilton vintage gold filled watch for 100 bux or a nice 1602 steel datejust ROlex for 1500 or so often are shocked at the prices of newer watche.

    But OP's watch is awesome and priced about right. 12 months ago a fellow walked into our store and bought 2 Bell & Ross Tourbillons. His cost for the paiir? 255k. Not a typo.

    Different world in new vs vintage
    Jeffrey P. Hess, collector, historian, writer, CEO Ball WATCH USA

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